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Here Are Peggy’s Most Requested Topics

Meeting planners say she connects with the audience by breaking down tech topics in steps and terms they understand. And when she teaches busy people how to get organized and manage how they spend their time, it’s obvious she’s done this in the real world and she certainly walks the talk. Portfolio Peggy Duncan Training Personal Productivity  download-white

Conquer Email Overload with expert Peggy Duncan

Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook

Are you crazy busy and drowning in email? Do you fear that important work is somewhere down in that deep hole you call an Inbox? Are you staying up half the night playing catch-up but see no end in sight? A brand new approach could be just what you need. After this training, you’ll have the skills to keep your Inbox under control and clutter and chaos will be replaced with peace and a clearer head for thinking. You’ll soon realize that everything is where it needs to be, you’re staying on top of work with nothing falling through the cracks, your new system of working on your most critical tasks first is solid, and you’re headed home.

Put iPad to Work at Work (NEW)

To stay productive on the go with the iPad, you’ll want to get as close as possible to how you work on a computer. For this to happen, you’ll have to dig deeper and learn more. The more tips, tricks, and workarounds you can put to use every day, the quicker you’ll get things done anywhere. It’s no longer just for playing games, watching movies, or hanging out on Facebook.

Get Super Organized with Microsoft OneNote’s Digital Notebooks

Are you super busy and feel like you’re losing your edge? Are you becoming more disorganized the busier you get? And is that disorganization causing you to work longer and harder when you just want to go home? Get organized and make work easier with OneNote, Microsoft’s digital notebook. Rid yourself of scattered notes, documents, and all those to do’s in your head by putting everything in one place. Create as many notebooks as you need with as many pages and insert images and make them searchable, take meeting notes and connect them with Outlook, record audio and video right there, insert files with links back to the source, and so much more. Put everything in the cloud and sync across your devices for easy access no matter where you are.

Computer Magic! Finish Work Six Times Quicker (Microsoft Office)

So much to do, so little time! You can work smarter if you make better use of technology you already have. Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint can perform magic once you discover which buttons to click. Even if you’ve been using this software for years, you’ll discover new ways to streamline how you work.

PowerPoint Anything: Design Projects Made Easy

Make your presentation or event stand out from the rest! Use your eye for design and create your next project with flair and on a sensible budget. Using software you already have, you can create anything you need: a presentation, an email campaign, video email, Web banner, Twitter background, postcard, DVD labels, and more. You can do it all in PowerPoint.

Time Management training with Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert

Find Time to Lead

You don’t have time to lead because you’re too busy doing their own work, going to meetings, putting out fires, drowning in email…you don’t have time to think or plan. The irony is that if you could pull yourself together long enough to do it, everyone around you would work smarter and you could work less.

Get Organized So You Can Think!

If your workload lasts well beyond the workday, getting organized will help. You can easily save one to two hours a day just by clearing clutter from your desk, mind, computer, and Inbox. It’s not hard. You just have to make the commitment to start, finish, and maintain. And unlike dieting or exercising, the results are immediate.

Spend Less Time Working but Get More Done

You have to work as if you don’t have seconds to spare, but you could be wasting hours. If you’re experiencing more stress as your job responsibilities increase, and time runs out long before your workload, you’ll have to get organized so you can think. When you start thinking, you’ll plan and prioritize better, becoming more effective and efficient. And once you use technology to pull it all together, more time happens.