Executive Coaching, personal productivity with Peggy Duncan

Find Time to Lead

You’re concerned about improving your company’s communications, employee morale, and other developmental issues, but you just don’t have time to deal with any of it.

You’re too busy doing your own work, going to meetings, putting out fires, drowning in email … you don’t have time to think or plan.

The irony is that if you could pull yourself together long enough to do it, everyone around you would work smarter and you could work less.

You have to work as if you don’t have seconds to spare, but you could be wasting hours.

If you’re experiencing more stress as your job responsibilities increase and time runs out long before your workload, you’ll have to get organized so you can think. When you start thinking, you’ll plan and prioritize better, becoming more effective and efficient. And once you use technology to pull it all together, more time happens.

Why Peggy Duncan?

  • Trained at IBM to find better, faster ways to get the job done. Recognized by the chairman for developing more efficient processes by getting to the root of the problem.
  • Spent years working side by side with clients and uses that experience coupled with common sense.
  • Experienced computer trainer. Tech savvy with the knowledge to help you choose the right solutions and then teach you how to use them.

Personal productivity coaching at your convenience. Peggy Duncan, has heard it all. She’s using her experience to help busy people, who don’t have a second to spare, spend less time working but get more done. Create more time for the life you want by developing smarter ways to work.

Peggy was formally trained at IBM and learned how to examine and streamline processes step by step. While there, she was recognized by the chairman for streamlining processes that saved her department close to a million dollars a year by taking routine work and setting it up to be handled by technology. She’s a computer trainer, and she’ll advise you on which software to use to do the job. To help you think, she’ll help you get organized too.

Your life coach will help you with setting goals and strategically planning your next career move, etc. Peggy, on the other hand, will help you keep your sanity along the way. She’ll help you pull yourself together, set up logical systems for getting things done, and create time for the life you want!

Getting Started

  1. Send a brief email to Personal Productivity Expert, Peggy Duncan,  (training   at  peggyduncan.com), and suggest at least three possible time slots (M-F, between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Eastern USA Time). Mondays and Fridays work best.At that time, we’ll schedule your free, initial 15-30-minute set-up call with Peggy (to determine what you need and how she can help you).
  2. Once it’s established how Peggy can help you, and you’re ready to get started, we request advance payments for future sessions. Your receipt will be sent by PayPal in the company name of PSC Press. If you need a formal invoice, just ask.

What to Expect

Peggy applies a solid methodology to helping you, but she keeps it fluid because every client is different with different issues and priorities. Everything is totally customizable and based on your needs and schedule.


Via SKYPE with Screenshare. During specific technology coaching sessions, you’ll be hands-on on your computer so you’ll need a dual monitor setup (follow Peggy on one and do the work on the other), a headset and microphone (here’s Peggy’s). A Webcam might come in handy. Here is a link to Peggy’s Webcam by Logitech.

Other similar details are in the agreement you’ll sign.

IN PERSON. For individual, in-person training, you’ll travel to Durham (or Charlotte) NC or Peggy will travel to your location. Specific details on this solution will have to be discussed in your initial phone call.


Pay Online with PayPal (or any major credit card)

    • Use PayPal to make instant credit card or check payments. It’s safe and fast, and you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use it. You’ll use any major credit card just as you normally would.
    • Commit to a total of six, four, or two hours upfront. For more hours, just change the quantity in the PayPal box and click Update.You’ll then be able to schedule your sessions in 2-hour blocks (or longer if your schedule permits), and at your convenience. Charges for last-minute cancellations will apply. You’ll get all that time back with better productivity.
    • Download the Agreement to sign off on that spells out your commitment to change your life. You will have to be committed to make changes in how you work, so think this through and contact Peggy Duncan when you’re ready. You should read, sign, and email to Peggy Duncan as instructed. Click here to download the Agreement.
    • Click below to submit payment.

DOWNLOAD COACHING AGREEMENT HEREPeggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert, conference speaker, coach, consultantComplete it as explained inside.


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