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Bonuses – Read Thoroughly

“I created these documents for my consulting/coaching clients and workshop attendees who have made the commitment to finally get organized. Congratulations!

Your papers need a home. If you have piles on your desk, it’s because you don’t throw enough away, and you don’t have a good filing system. It’s just that simple.Purchase folders in your favorite colors. The more attractive your filing system, the more likely you’ll be to keep it up.

Once your system is created, all you’ll have to do is maintain it. When that paper is in your hand, file it-don’t pile it!”  – Peggy Duncan

Get Organized with a good filing system, Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert

What’s Inside

These are Microsoft Word documents. Instructions are written in the header of each one. You may have to change some options in Word to be able to see the header.

Download helpful documents from Personal Productivity Expert Peggy DuncanSubscribe to Peggy Duncan's email list and Get Organized!Create Labels for Plastic Inserts You’ll Use with Hanging Folders. Line them up in a straight line instead of staggering. This will be easier on the eyes. These labels print on regular printer paper (for letter-sized folders).

Download helpful documents from Personal Productivity Expert Peggy Duncan

Subscribe to Peggy Duncan's email list and Get Organized!Create Labels for Interior Folders That Go Inside the Hanging Folders. You’ll need self-adhesive labels to print these. See header of the document for suggestions. Purchase 1/3 cut interior folders that will come with the tabs in three positions (first, middle, end). Also purchase at least one box of interior folders with middle position only.

Download helpful documents from Personal Productivity Expert Peggy Duncan  Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert, conference speaker, coach, consultant

Keep a The Time Log-PeggyDuncan to figure out where your time is going and why.

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Turn text into contacts, tasks, appointments with Copy2ContactCopy2Contact (formerly anagram). Did you see Peggy demo Copy2Contact in a seminar? Any text you can select can be turned into a contact or appointment with the click of a button, putting everything in the right place.

ImageExport. You can save a PowerPoint slide or a graphic on the slide in high resolution. I use this practically every day. You’ll also see a link to a how-to tutorial I recorded.

Back up and organize your computer files with DropboxBack Up Your Computer Files Online with DropBox. A backup is not a backup if it’s not offsite. This is a secure, online media vault that keeps your computer backed up automatically. I am meticulous when it comes to filing anything, especially my computer files. Everything that used to be in the My Documents folder is now in Dropbox. Access anywhere, any time.

iContact. Build your email list and keep it clean  Build your email list and keep it clean with iContact.


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