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Peggy Duncan helps people who are overworked and under-family’ed and want to go home at a reasonable time and not have to stay up half the night to catch up. She’s a personal productivity expert, speaker/trainer, coach, and consultant who helps her clients develop faster, smarter ways to get things done. She was formally trained at IBM and was recognized by the chairman for automating and streamlining processes that saved the company close to a million dollars a year. She travels internationally as a conference speaker, and helps audiences spend less time working but get more done.

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“Whether you need a conference speaker or someone to work with a small team, or with you individually, Peggy Duncan is your answer!”


Peggy is the founder of The Digital Breakthroughs Institute, a virtual training site of how-to video tutorials, The focus is on improving productivity with better organization and technology. She’s also an award-winning technology blogger (

Peggy Duncan has written several books and booklets on organization, time management, and technology


Peggy has written several books and booklets that incorporate her expertise in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, organization and time management at work, and DIY SEO.

Everything is written using concise steps for busy people who want to know but don’t have time to learn. See details here.

Peggy Duncan article on email overload for New York Times


Journalists tap into her expertise often, and she has appeared on NPR, CNN, TODAY, Black Enterprise Business Report, and the US Virgin Islands PBS affiliate. She’s been cited in Fortune Small Business, O-The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Essence, Fitness, Self, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Peggy Duncan is an award-winning technology blogger,


Peggy received a BBA in marketing and a train the trainer certification from Georgia State University in Atlanta. She is an award-winning technology blogger, a 2014 and 2012 Small Business Influencer Champion, a top productivity expert to follow on Twitter, and a top service awardee from SCORE Association.