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  • Organization
  • Mobile Workers
  • Search Engines-Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Working Solo or Virtually

Email – Managing

  • Email Addiction
  • Email Etiquette
  • Email Overload
  • Email Pet Peeves

Other Technology

  • iPad for Work
  • OneNote for Organization
  • Building a YouTube Channel
  • Getting Started with and Using Video to Promote a Business
  • Video Email for Free

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Media Mentions

Journalists contact Peggy Duncan often for her expertise in personal productivity (time management) and all things email overload and etiquette.

Journalists interview Peggy Duncan a lot!


Email Overload, Management, Etiquette, Habits

FastCompany.com, This Is How to Write a Follow-Up Email That’s Not Annoying, by Anisa Purbasari Horton

Vogue.com, Email Overload? How to Manage Your Inbox by Monique Valeris

Life Reimagined (an AARP property), Seven Ways to Get Control Over Your Inbox: How to become the master of your email domain,” by Austin O’Connor

CNBC, “3 Steps to Get Your Co-Workers to Stop Ignoring Your Emails,” by Katie Little

The New York Times, Break Bad Habits (email), written as an opinion piece.

Fast Company, “7 Email Habits You Need to Break,” by Lisa Evans

Inc.com, “25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette.”

CBS Money Watch, “How to blow through your email backlog

Radio Interview, Email Pet Peeves, Local Job Network Radio and over 600 Websites nationally. Host, Lynn Molitor.

Monster.com, How to actually get an email response from your chronically inundated colleagues, by Catherine Conlan

New York Post, The wrong out-of-office message can ruin your career, by Virginia Backaitis

Washington Post, How to Stop Office Chatter When You Need to Focus

Other Technology

Vogue, “Spring Cleaning? It’s Time to Digitally Declutter  Your Device, Too,” by Marissa Miller

Small Market Meetings Magazine, page 8 “Leveraging Your Tablet (iPad),” by Vickie Mitchell.

Fast Company, “12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can’t Live Without

Indezine, March 4, 2012. “PowerPoint Creative Projects: Conversation with Peggy Duncan

Personal Productivity – Time Management

US News & World Report, January 2018, Reclaiming My Time: The Work Resolution for 2018, by Rebecca Koenig

Oprah Magazine, October 2017, Seize the Day!

O Magazine October 2017, Time Management Expert, Personal Productivity Expert and Coach issue I'm QuotedFastCompany.com, This Is How To Actually Work Smarter, Not Harder, by Gwen Moran

NPR.org, Moms: Surviving the Back to School Season, with Tony Cox as Host. Julie Morgenstern and Peggy Duncan.

Today.com, How to Prevent Weekend Laziness, by Stephanie Bucklin

FastCompany.com, Six Productivity Experts Share How to Actually Get Work Done During the Summer, by Stephanie Vozza

The Washington Post, How to Stop Office Chatter When You Need to Focus

TallyPro (the UK), Scroll down the page at this link to see the article. Avoid Time Leaks: The Hour Has Come to Track Your Time

FastCompany.com, Time Management Experts Share Their Secrets for Staying Productive During the Holidays, by Stephanie Vozza

FastCompany.com, 8 Productivity Experts Reveal the Secret Benefits of Their Morning Routines, by Stephanie Vozza

Shopify.com, 34 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (by Experts) by Casandra Campbell

Monster.com, Time Management for Your Time Off, by Robert DiGiacomo

Associated Press, Quick Fix: “Leveraging the holiday lull,” by Sarah Skidmore Sell

Associated Press interview personal productivity expert Peggy Duncan

US News & World Report, “5 Ways to Defeat the Summer Work Slump,” by careers editor Laura McMullen

American Express OPEN Forum, “My Assistant Will Handle It,” by Jean-Chatzky

Friday Magazine, Dubai, “Manage Your Time More Effectively

The Washington Post, “Every Minute Counts” in Vickie Elmer’s Workingcolumn.

Black Enterprise magazine – an interview: “Get Your Life in Order

Entrepreneur Magazine, “Five Simple Ways to Boost Productivity.”

Entrepreneur.com, “9 Routine Tasks You Should Eliminate from Your Workday

US News & World Report, June 12, 2012. “Four tried and true time management techniques.”

ComputerWorld, February 2, 2012. “Married to your desk? 5 tips for a better relationship. Optimize your work area for better productivity.”

Monster.com, Take Time to Think About Work, by John Rossheim

Times of India “Return to work way ahead of the game”

BNET, “If Obama Can Ditch His BlackBerry, So Can You” in CC Holland’s Team Taskmaster blog for CBS Interactive.

MSNBC, Daily Herald (and other newspapers), on creating more time, “Going dark the latest productivity ‘tech’nique,” written by Jean Chatsky, editor-at-large for Money magazine and the personal finance editor for NBC’s TODAY Show.

ITBusiness Canada, “Canadian firms turn to technology to improve staff productivity.”

CNN Money, “Get a grip on your work week.”

The New York Times, article on people wasting time at work, “Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent.”

SUCCESS Magazine, “The Productivity Dilemma.”

SUCCESS Magazine, “Do More Faster!”

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84 Marketing Experts Share their Best Visual Marketing Tips for Branding

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